National Center for Urban Energy Measurement £®Fujian£©
National Center for Urban Energy Measurement £®Fujian£© was founded in the end of 2008, which is agreed by Fujian Provincial People's Government and authorized by AQSIQ. It is the first center focuses on urban energy measurement in China.

The center is mainly supported by FMI, with abundant talents, equipments and great technical capabilities. The center owns 2 professorate senior engineers, 8 senior engineers and 4 engineers. Among them, there are two doctors, 6 masters.

Depends on the metering and modern network technology, the center establishes provincial energy metering data acquisition & monitoring system, scientifically acquiring and comprehensively analyzing the measuring data of the main energy power, such as coal, oil, water, electricity, gas and other major energy, used in key energy consumers in capital city. Besides, the center also makes a research on how to take a good use of these energy efficiently.

National Center for Urban Energy Measurement £®Fujian£©scientifically calculates the energy consumption for unit GDP for the government, and provides a unified and reliable energy measurement data for the target of emission reduction. The center is a pioneer of carrying out the national metrology of urban energy. Surely, it will gather great amounts of experiences for the career of energy metrology.