Service Scope

Fujian Metrology Institute supports our industry with the following services:

! Verification, calibration and testing of measuring instruments.
! Pattern evaluations of new measuring instruments; 
    Supervision inspection for the quality of measuring instruments.
! Training of measurement technology
! Examination of measurement standards;
     Arbitral verification of measuring instruments.
! Consultation in the fields of enterprise¨ technological innovation, establishing measurement standards, measuring approval, ISO9000 approval, and national center & laboratory accreditation. 
! Providing a package of solutions for measurement 

The following pages inform about the verification, calibration and testing items offered by FMI, in tabular form, ordered by professional departments. They also contain information about the statements on range of measurement, parametersmeasurement accuracy or expanded uncertainty, and last but not least information about code of standard to which the verification, calibration and testing is traced back.