National Supervision and Inspection Center for Steam Flow Meter

National Supervision and Inspection Center for Steam Flow Meter, the only domestic professional center focuses on steam flowmeter supervision and inspection, which is authorized by AQSIQ for establishing in February, 2010. The center is located in industrial areas in Jiangyin, Fuzhou, Fujian. It covers a total floor space of 14,306 m2 and having a gross building area of 7,000 m2. The first phase of investment project amounts to about 40 million Yuan (equals to 6.03 million U.S. dollars).

After the center is founded, it will be capable of operating the whole performance tests of 85% or above of various industrial boiler & steam flow meters. The center will carry out performance experiments on safety, barrier property, metrology, storage environment, electro magnetic compatibility, etc. It will also carry out supervision inspection, entrusted inspection and arbitration inspection for the quality of steam flowmeters, pattern evaluations of new steam flowmeters, and so on.

The centerí»s tasks are:
      •To establish steam flowrate standard device, significantly improving the domestic inspection ability of steam flowmeters;
      •To establish a technical research platform for steam flowmeter, studying and setting the relevant standards;
      •To set open labs, facilitating experiments carried out by universities, research institutes and enterprises.
      •To build a talents cultivation base for steam flowmeter technical personnel, establishing a postdoctoral research centre.