Length Department

Having established the Fujian provincial highest standards for length measurement, Length Department is responsible for the traceability and transmission of measurement values in the fields of geometric sense in Fujian province.

The range for calibration, verification and testing service covers: side-degree, angle, measuring instruments, space geometry, gear equipment, cord design, and devices for motor vehicle testing line (including lighting, exhaust, axle load, wheel weight, slip, smoke and brake, etc.). Besides that, Fujian Provincial Spectacles Notarization and Fujian Provincial Spectacles Supervision & Testing Station are both set up in this department.

(Main equipment)
Length Department is equipped with international advanced geometric measurement equipments, including 0 ~ 100mm second-class gauges, 0 ~ 1000mm third-class standard gauges, 12ˇ˘23ˇ˘24 multi- surface prisms, the Germany Marh automatic universal length measuring machine, the Germany Leitz coordinate measuring machines, LDDM/MCV-500 made by USA, the RENISHAW/UK dual-frequency laser interferometer, 3m length measuring machine and 50m Laser measuring-rail made by Germany, Universal tool microscope, Taylor/UK i120 surface roughness and form measure system, 0.002mm / m photoelectric auto-collimator, Germany Prism Master precision goniometer, 200-type universal comparator, flat equal thickness laser interferometers, 0.01¦Ěm inductance micrometer, total station, levels, theodolite verification system, laser plumb aligner calibration device, and the Optech/Canada ILRIS-H36D laser 3D scanner. The department is also equipped with a GPS baseline field which is one of the five biggest baseline fields in China, owning the 1032-meter outdoor total station baseline field and the ( 6~3600) meters baseline net.


  Mahr Length Measuring Instrument                    Inspection  for Spectacles


 Verification Device of Theodolite & Level         Leiz Coordinate Measuring Machine


              0.5¨•Precise Goniometer                        Scene of GPS Baseline Field