Thermo Engineering Department

Having established the first pressure work standard in Fujian Province, Thermo Engineering Department also has established many other Fujian provincial highest measurement standards in the fields of temperature, pressure, humidity, optics£¬etc. The department is in charge of traceability and comparison of measurement values in the fields of temperature, pressure and humidity, etc. It carries out verification, calibration and testing of parameters of environmental cleanliness, humiture, static pressure difference, illuminance, radiance, air speed & volume and so on for integration engineering testing program. It also provides antiseptic proficiency testing service in the fields of food and health care.

 (Main Equipments)
Thermo Engineering Department is equipped with world¡¯s advanced measurement instruments, including FLUKE/USA automatic bridge for measuring temperature, THART/USA surface thermometer verification apparatus, the Rotronic/ Swiss multi-channel temperature and humidity measuring instrument, the Druck/UK Company precision pressure calibrator, various high and low temperature blackbody furnaces made by LAND/UK and ISOTHERMAL/UK , Aiguang (IRCON)/USA radiation thermometer, MBW/Swiss cold-mirror precision dew-point meter with dew-point temperature up to -100 ¡æ, E + E/ Austria dual-pressure humidity generator, ELLAB/Denmark wireless sterilization monitors, AccuPulse simulation of non-invasive blood pressure device, digital piston pressure gauge with leading domestic technology level, automatic pressure calibration units, etc. Besides that, the department has also established illuminance and luminance standard device in the field of optics, air pressure and wind speed verification device in the meteorological field.


     Dew-point Verification System                         0.005 Grade Air-operator 
                                                                              Piston Pressure Gauge


        Standard Device of blackbody                   0.005 Grade Air-operator Piston 
               Radiation Source                                      Pressure Vacuum Gauge


                                Humiture Test Box