Flow Department

Flow Department has established 3 capacity measurement standards and 5 flow measurement standards. The department is capable of carrying out 33 verification, calibration and testing items accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), 7 items on the pattern evaluation of flow measurement, as well as 1 item of liquid-level meters, covering the fields of vertical-tanks, horizontal-tanks, Spherical tanks, varies of flow-meters, etc.

 (Main Equipments)
The established provincial public standards of measurement by Flow Department include: first and second class metal tank standards, verification standards for metrology tanks, 2000L bell-jar type gas flow rate standard of measurement, flow standard device with standard meter method and flow rate standard of measurement. Besides, the sonic speed nozzle process gas flow rate standard of measurement is still under establishing. The verification standard set for metrology tank is equipped with more than 80 testing instruments, having the world¡¯s most advanced high capacity testing total station ¡°TPS1200 petrol-tank measuring system¡±, which has been used in the program of measuring capacity of Asian two biggest liquefied natural gas low temperature storage tanks ¨C170,000   storage tanks. During the past years, the total testing capacity of storage tanks has exceeded 8,000,000 and the largest capacity for single storage tank has exceeded 160,000.