Mechanics Department

Mechanics Department has established Fujian provincial highest standards of measurement in the ranges of mass, weighing apparatus, acoustic, vibration, etc. The department is capable of carrying out verification, calibration and testing services in the fields of weights, balance, automatic weighing instrument, non-automatic weighing instrument, sound level meter, vibration platform, taxi meter, net content of quantitative packaged commodity, etc. The department also carries out supervision inspection, pattern evaluation and personnel training approved by the state. There are 8 senior engineers and 5 engineers in the department.

 (Main Equipments)
Mechanics Department is equipped with METTLE TOLEDO UMX5 mass comparator with division value of 0.1¦Ěg, E1 weights and other international advanced measurement testing equipments. It has established E2 and F1 class weights standard devices, F2 class large weightsŁ¨0~1.5tŁ©standard device, weighing apparatus verification device, sound level meter verification device, audiometer testing set, intermediate frequency vibration standard device with comparative method, testing set for vibrator, verification device for taxi meter, verification set for quantitative filling machine. Eastern China Load Cell Testing Center is also set up in this department.


              Anechoic Chamber                                                    Weight


               Mass Comparator                      Intermediate Frequency Vibration Standard 
                                                                         Device with Comparative Method


                                                  Acoustic Calibrator