Force Measurement Department

Force Measurement Department has established the Fujian provincial highest standards on force measurement, and owns the largest build-up force standard machine in eastern China. The measurement fields in this department cover all sectors of the national economy, particularly in the sectors of transport, construction and machinery industries. The department is mainly in charge of establishing and maintaining public standards of measurement in Fujian province, organizing the  transmission of measurement values, conducting scientific researches, providing verification, testing, calibration, repair, pattern evaluation experiment and engineering test services for instruments including material testing machine, standard (working)dynamometer, load cell, hydraulic jack, impact machine, hardness, torque, rotation rate, automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion, automatic monitor system for vehicles speeding, detector for alcoholic quantity from breathing-out gas, four-wheel alignment, wheel dynamic balancers and resistance strain gauge meters.

 (Main Equipment)
The department is equipped with 6.7MN build-up force standard machine, 600kN hydraulic-amplification force standard machine, 60kN lever-amplification force standard machine, and 6kN & 1kN deadweight force standard machine. They are all automatic controlled. The standard devices in this department include HBM/ Germany high-accuracy standard dynamometer with the range of 10N ~ 2000kN, dynamometer group with the capacity of 5MN and 10MN, standard equipment for rotation rate in the range of (20 ~ 40000) r/min, verification equipment for torque in the range of (0 ~ 3000) N • m, verification equipments for metal Rockwell hardness, Brinell hardness, Vickers hardness and Equotip hardness testers , automatic monitor system of vehicles speeding verification apparatus, automatic instruments verification apparatus for weighing road vehicles in motion, verification equipment for detector of alcoholic quantity from breathing-out gas, resistance strain gauge meters verification apparatus, four-wheel alignment calibrating apparatus and wheel dynamic balancers calibrating apparatus.


               6.7MN Build-up                                         Lever-amplification
          Force Standard Machine                              Force Standard Machine


Verification Device for Detector for Alcoholic           Detector for Alcoholic Quantity 
   Quantity from Breathing-out Gas                             from Breathing-out Gas


                            Verification Device for Automatic Monitor
                                 System for Vehicles Speeding