Electricity Department

Electricity Department has established the Fujian provincial highest standards of electricity and wireless measurement. The department is capable of carrying out verification, testing and calibration of voltage, current, resistance, power, phase, power, digital meters, alternating current impedance, safety regulations test equipment, voltage distortion, signal and field strength, pulse and time & frequency,etc. Meanwhile, the department also carries out new electric energy meter product appraisal experiment authorized by the state.

 (Main Equipment)
Electricity Department is equipped with a number of advanced electricity and wireless measuring equipments, including 5720 multi-function calibration source, 8508 digital multimeter, K2006-type 0.01 standard three-phase multi-function watt-hour meter, AH2550A high-precision automatic capacitance bridge, 910R rubidium atomic frequency standards, PM6681R/676 rubidium frequency standard high-resolution counters, N5531S measuring receiver system, MG3694B signal generator, 9500B oscilloscope calibrator and E4440A spectrum analyzer, etc.


Electrical Energy Meter Calibrator               Environmental Testing Device


        Signal Generator                              Oscilloscope


                             Frequency Standard of Rubidium