Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department has established Fujian provincial highest standards of chemistry measurement. The department is capable of carrying out more than 70 items on verification, calibration and testing, covering four major categories of spectroscopy, chromatography, gas, and physics & chemistry. Meanwhile, the department provides nearly 40 certified reference materials. Talent is also abundant in this department. The department owns 1 professor senior engineer, 1 senior engineer and 5 engineers. Among them, two of them have got doctoral degrees; one of them got master’s degree.

 (Main Equipment)
Chemistry Department is equipped with cary6000i spectrograph, the most advanced spectral measurement equipment in China; China’s first on-line continuous emission monitoring system verification device. The department is the first in China to establish "Thin-layer Chromatoscanner Verification Regulation" and "On-line Continuous Emission Monitoring System Verification Regulation”, as well as "Generic Specification of Food Security Quick-test Device”. Thus, it can provide effective technical guarantee for supervision and management of drug testing, environmental monitoring and food safety.


           Spectroscopy Device                             Density Standard


    Standard of White Plate & Chroma                  On-line Continuous Emission
                                                                            Monitoring System


                               Food Security Quick-test Device