Medicine Department

Medicine Department is specialized in verification and calibration of measuring equipment in medical area, as well as electrical safety performance testing of various medical electronic equipments.

Special Note: Unqualified medical equipment will bring patients misdiagnosed and accidentally injure. Overdose of medicine with unqualified medical equipment will result in direct life-threatening and indirect physical injury! Regular verification and calibration of medical equipments is the responsible performance for patient¡¯s life and society.

 (Main Equipment)
Medicine department is equipped with national and world¡¯s advanced measuring instruments produced by National Institute of Metrology P.R.China, National Institute of Testing Technology, PTW Company (Germany), FLUKE Corporation (America), Norway METRON Company. Those instruments including three-dimensional beam scanner, three-dimensional water tank, dual-channel dosimeters, diagnosis dosimeter, ionization chamber, spiral CT performance phantom, CR¡¢DR performance testing phantom, CT dose phantom, bone mineral density phantom, phantom of simulation of  the performance of breast X-ray machine, phantom of nuclear magnetic resonance properties, fetal monitor detector , non-invasive blood pressure monitoring analyzer, testing equipments for electrocardiograph, electroencephalograph and heart rate monitor, oxygen saturation detectors and B super-simulation module. The department is capable of carrying out verification, calibration and testing of cobalt-60 therapy machine, CT, X-ray apparatus, CR£¬DR£¬electrocardiograph, electrocardiogram monitor, multi-parameter monitor, blood pressure monitors, oxygen pulse monitor, defibrillator monitor, breathing machine, microplate reader, spectrophotometer, pH meter, automatic (semi-) biochemical analyzer, blood and urine analyzer,etc.


Testing of Medical Processing Accelerator          Testing of CT Machine¡¯s


         Testing of Electrocardiograph                       Testing of X-ray Machine