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China issued 1219 GAP certificates
Source:福建省计量科学研究院          Update Time :2013/4/9 16:04:09

The 2010 GAP International Forum was convened in Beijing on Nov. 4. It was co-organized by China Good Agricultural Practices (ChinaGAP) Secretariat and GlobalGAP Secretariat. It was learned that 1219 GAP certificates have been issued by ChinaGAP, an agro produce certificationscheme launched by China in 2003 in line with international practices. The Certification and Accreditation Administration of China(CNCA) has been making great efforts to promote the international mutual recognition of GAP certification. 

Present at the forum were officials from the CNCA, the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives Supervisory Board, the GlobalGAP Secretariat, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture. Participants attending the forum included those from the relevant international organizations such as the JGAP and the ThaiGAP, and China’s quality supervision, inspection and quarantine agencies, certification bodies, accreditation institutions, research centers, retailers and GAP certificated enterprises.

The objective of the forum is to promote the application and effective implementation of GAP across the world, enhance the exchange and cooperation among relevant GAP organizations, establish a platform for further understanding and communication, promote the development of GAP in China and improve quality and safety management of agro produce. It plays an active role in ensuring food safety from the source of the supply chain. The forum is focused on the theme of implementing GAP and promoting sustainable development to ensure agro produce quality and safety, and the participants made discussions on topics including the macro management, technical application and experience sharing in GAP application and effective implementation.

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