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Liquor anti-counterfeiting network launched
Source:福建省计量科学研究院          Update Time :2013/10/9 16:13:10

The launching ceremony of the China Liquor Anti-counterfeiting Collaboration Network was held in Mianzhu City of Sichuan Province on May 20, signaling the renowned Chinese liquor producers will be united to fight against counterfeits with the guidance and support of the AQSIQ.

The collaboration network, as the first dedicated liquor anti-counterfeiting organization consisting of various sectors, is a coalition of famous brand and quality liquor producers that have united in the anti-fake product campaigns with the guidance of the AQSIQ Office of Fight against Counterfeits. The China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association(CADIA) is responsible for organizing the operations. The collaboration network will undertake the mission of helping the industry foster integrity. This move is aimed to join the efforts of the whole industry to draw up anti-counterfeiting strategies and integrate resources to make the anti- counterfeiting campaigns more effective and develop a long-term and effective mechanism.

According to the CADIA President Wang Yancai, China’s liquor industry plays an important role in economic development. It has shown a satisfactory growth in recent years, and the sales value achieved by over 1300 producers above designated size is more than 200 billion yuan. However, the industry has been confronted with rampant fake products, and brand-names and quality products are always the targets of counterfeiting. Such a situation not only threatens the consumers’ safety and development of the real producers, but harms the healthy development of society and economy. 

 To crack down on the counterfeiting, the industry joined hands to maximize their strengths. It’s learned that 8 brand-name producers including Wuliangye Group, JNC Group, Sichuan Langjiu Group, Xinghuacun Fenjiu Group and Yanghe Distillery, have become the first batch of members of the collaboration network. Joint efforts will be made to combat fake and shoddy products to promote the industry’s sustainable, healthy and rapid development.

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