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Mainland, Taiwan textile industries to develop cooperation platform
Source:福建省计量科学研究院          Update Time :2013/11/8 16:16:40

The cross-Straits Textile and Fiber Industrial Cooperation and Exchange Conference 2010 was held in Taipei on August 10. The two sides reached important consensus on cooperation in development of exchange platforms, cooperation mechanism and global deployment, and the relevant associations and businesses from the mainland and Taiwan signed the letter of intent on cooperation. The two sides will join hands to promote cooperation in the following areas.

-R&D and production: The two sides will jointly promote exchange and cooperation in the industrial value chain of functional and technical textiles based on the principle of complementing each other with their advantages in R&D and production chain, and boost the development of the platform for information, technology and product exchange and cooperation, and the formulation of relevant programs.

-Inspection and information cooperation: The two sides will establish the compatible inspection standards on textile products and a platform for exchange and cooperation, promote formulation of sound industrial standards and cooperation between testing institutions, and participate in formulation of international standards. The two sides agree to develop a platform for textile information exchange and cooperation, and accelerate formulation of industrial terminologies, implementation of industrial research and information standardization cooperation, so as to ensure smooth industrial communication.

-Investment cooperation and business opportunities: The two sides will establish an exchange and cooperation platform to expand the markets in the mainland and Taiwan and explore the international market, and actively promote two-way investment activities by drawing on the foreign businesses’ successful experience of investment in the mainland and Taiwan.

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